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Intoku Windsor

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Intoku Reading - Best Japanese Restaurant

TREAT YOURSELF in VERY BEST Japanese Food restaurants in reading

Looking for a fun spot to grab a quick lunch or a relaxed dinner in the heart of the city centre? Intoku Reading, one of the fantastic Japanese restaurants in Reading, fits the bill perfectly. With its lively atmosphere, chef’s prep area where you can see the sushi-making in action, beautiful Japanese-inspired wall art, and delicious combination of fresh sushi, fluffy bao buns, and tempting donburi, it's the nice restaurants in reading a perfect place to eat, drink, and let the good times (hosomaki) roll! We also have a VIP room for those extra special occasions. Like we need an excuse to celebrate with you. Get in touch to find out more.

Intoku Reading
Intoku Reading


Intoku, a celebrated Japanese restaurants in Reading, renowned for its unwavering dedication to exceptional customer service. Our mission revolves around crafting an unforgettable dining experience that surpasses expectations. Our team comprises extensively trained professionals with in-depth knowledge of our menu, ensuring that every visit is enriched with detailed explanations and personalized recommendations. We prioritize even the most specific dietary restrictions, guaranteeing a dining adventure tailored to your preferences.</p> <p>We really value our customer’s time and work hard to give fast and good service without ever lowering the high quality that defines us. Whether you're looking for Japanese food in Reading or just a great dining experience, Intoku is the perfect choice. Our staff are friendly, helpful, and know a lot, always making sure you have an amazingly special time



The kitchen at Intoku plays a big role in the restaurant, like the heart where all the cooking happens. It's always bustling with activity, where delicious food comes to life. Equipped with all the tools needed, it creates dishes that not only look great but taste amazing too. Talented chefs work there, and they're really good at their job. They're focused on making sure people have a wonderful time eating at one of the best restaurant in Reading. You can see how much they care about making food great in every dish they serve. From the sizzling pans to the wonderful smells, the kitchen is a lively place where magic happens, turning simple ingredients into dishes that you'll really enjoy


Intoku are Your Local Japanese Restaurant in Reading

When you are looking for a healthier alternative to the dinner routine, Japanese food has a lot to offer. Filled with freshness and boasting delightful flavour combinations, this cuisine is loved the world over. Intoku, the dynamic sushi and cocktail bar in Reading specializes in Japanese takeaway food and dine in options in Reading, offering guests a vibrant and creative menu crafted from the heart. If you are wondering, where can I find Japanese food near me or best restaurant in reading packed with flavour and creativity? Then you have come to the right place. Try something new with a menu that has something for everyone.


As your exciting sushi and Japanese restaurant in Reading, Intoku focuses on taste with every bite. We feature an outstanding range of Japanese and Pan-Asian favourites on our menu, providing customers with amazing choices that offer something new with every visit. Want to enjoy our delicious menu from the comfort of your own home? Looking for Japanese takeaway or sushi delivery in Reading, or convenient food delivery options? Enjoy a full menu of fresh ingredients and amazing flavour combinations with our sushi takeaway. Indulge yourself and try something new and soak up the Japanese culture and cuisine as you find your new favourites.


Craving Japanese food? Why not try the menu offered by the best restaurant in reading? You can find us near the Oracle or enjoy a more convenient option with sushi delivery for delicious Japanese food in the comfort of your own home. For order or menu information, call us today at 0118 304 5263.

Frequently Asked Questions in INTOKU READING

What type of cuisine does the INTOKU Japanese restaurant serve?

INTOKU Japanese restaurant specialises in authentic Japanese cuisine. Our menu features a wide range of traditional Japanese dishes, including sushi, sashimi, tempura, teriyaki, ramen, and more. 

Does INTOKU Reading provide traditional Japanese tea or other beverages?

Certainly! INTOKU Reading provides traditional Japanese tea and an array of beverages including bubble tea, soft drinks, artisan cocktails, wines, mocktails, and more. Enjoy a diverse selection to accompany your meal.

Are there options for takeout or delivery from the INTOKU restaurant?

Absolutely! INTOKU restaurant offers both takeout and delivery options for your convenience. You can conveniently place your order online by visiting our website to enjoy our jaapnese food delivery in reading, or give us a call at 01183 045263. Enjoy our authentic Japanese cuisine in the comfort of your own home.

Can I bring my own food and drinks to the restaurant?

Unfortunately, we do not permit outside food and drinks at INTOKU Reading. Our focus is on providing an exceptional dining experience with our authentic Japanese cuisine and thoughtfully curated beverages. We appreciate your cooperation and hope you enjoy the offerings from our menu.

Is there a time limit for table seating?

We don’t have strict time limits for table seating at INTOKU Reading, we kindly request your consideration for other guests, especially during busy times. Our goal is to provide everyone a chance to enjoy our offerings. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Can I schedule a sushi delivery in advance?

Of course! You can pre-schedule a sushi delivery with us. Just provide your preferred date and time when ordering through our website or phone. Enjoy timely and fresh sushi at your convenience.

Can I order Japanese takeaway in bulk for a small event or gathering?

You can order a large amount of Japanese takeaway for your small event or gathering at Intoku Reading. We offer catering services that can provide tasty Japanese dishes for your occasion. Just let us know the number of people and any special requests you have, and we’ll create a custom menu for you.

Intoku Reading

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Undoubtedly the best sushi I've ever had

The presentation alone was beautiful but the sushi itself was delicious. Nice and cozy, intimate restaurant with really great value for money, the staff were lovely and were also very helpful at catering to allergens/dietary requirements. Favourite sushi spot around by far.


Fantastic place in Windsor for sushi

There was not a single dish (out of the 12 our group ordered) that we didn't like. Lots of variety, with good portion sizes, full of flavour. To top it off, 99% of the menu is halal which was nice because we were able to have some sushi dishes we haven't tried before.


The food and service was phenomenal!

Our waiter was super helpful and we enjoyed meeting the owner as well. The sushi was the best I have ever had, and we loved the variety in the sushi platter. They source their fish in Scotland, so it was nice to know that everything was super fresh. We will definitely be back.

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Intoku Reading

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