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a a Sushi Excellence a a Fresh Ingredients a a 3Star Sushi Chefs

Our sushi story begins

It all started with our founders Mia and Greg, their love of anime and Japanese culture, and a small market stall in the hustle and bustle of Manchester. An unusual place for our sushi story to start, but this humble stall was the perfect spot to WOW passers-by with their delicious and unique take on Japanese street food.

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Pretty soon, Greg and Mia made a name for themselves and their dreams grew bigger.

As well as serving the public the lushest Japanese street food this side of Tokyo, they longed to create a restaurant that served up fresh sushi created by artisan sushi chefs, beautiful Pan-Asian delicacies, and finger-licking Robata. A true Japanese foodie haven where freshness, quality, and presentation come first.

After years of cooking, growing their brand, and sampling a lot of sashimi along the way, in 2019 the couple partnered up with the wonderful Jerry and Dorfe, took the plunge, and opened their first restaurant in the iconic Arndale Market in Manchester, and it quickly became one of the most happening hotspots for food lovers in the city.

With the success of Intoku growing, Mia and Greg decided to close their Manchester branch and open two new locations in London and Windsor in 2020, bringing their passion for Japanese food to hungry new customers. And the Intoku legacy continues to grow.

Expert chefs with an authentic craft

Our culinary-trained founder Greg is the wasabi on top of the Uramaki roll that keeps Intoku together. Having trained as a sushi chef since he was 16, (making him a true maki master) and after working in several Japanese restaurants and in Japan itself, his and Mia’s vision to create an outstanding Japanese restaurant with a difference came to light with the birth of Intoku.

Intoku’s expert chefs are trained by Greg himself. He takes the time to teach the authentic methods and precision needed to craft true artisan sushi and other Japanese delicacies on the menu. Through his training, Greg imparts his knowledge of understanding how every ingredient is important and plays a part in the finished dish

Spreading the Intoku love

Each of our Intoku locations is special and unique. Our restaurants are built and designed by our visionary builder Dorfe to capture the vibe of the area and create a setting to wow our customers. From cherry blossom and lush botanical decor to flashes of Anime and quirky Japanese touches, Intoku is a place to celebrate, indulge your cravings, and spend time with those you love best.

When you step into Intoku, you can leave your worries and stresses behind you. Inside, you’re among family. Our fun and friendly staff love making the atmosphere happy, relaxed, and full of good vibes. And watch out for our artisan sushi chefs! As well as crafting the most beautiful sushi you’ve ever seen or tasted, they love singing and dancing the day away - and you’re invited to join the party!

So, what are you waiting for? Sashimi on down to Intoku with friends, families, colleagues, or a date, and let us wine and dine you with our, sensational sushi and Pan-Asian delicacies.