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Dine with Intoku’s Enchanting Omakase Platters for Your Next Date Night

Putting Your Trust in the Chef. When you visit a new restaurant, it’s like stepping into a world of flavors. At Intoku in Windsor, we make this experience special for you. We care about everyone who comes to us, and we have something unique – an Omakase menu. This means we choose the best for you. Imagine a dining adventure at Intoku, where every bite is a delight crafted just for you, embracing the essence of Japanese food right here in Windsor.
Our Omakase Platters show how much we believe in this trust. Think of them like guided tours through the world of sushi, carefully created to give you lots of different flavors, textures, and surprises, while highlighting the essence of Japanese restaurants in Windsor.

Shoku Platter – A Feast Fit for Royalty

Prepare to have your taste buds elevated to the throne of delight. The Shoku Platter presents a harmonious ensemble of tastes, textures, and presentations.

Treat yourself to the luxury of 30 skillfully made Premium Uramaki rolls, where flavors blend harmoniously in a symphony of taste. Enjoy the regal combination of 10 Nigiri pieces, a graceful dance of delicate flavors with fresh fish and seasoned rice. Explore the pristine essence of the ocean through 10 assorted Sashimi pieces, each slice revealing the sea’s treasures in their purest state

Embark on a journey through inventive combinations with 8 Uramaki rolls—like treasures waiting to be discovered, offering a medley of flavors. Complete your royal indulgence with 8 Maki rolls, each one a testament to the craftsmanship that goes into every bite.
Whether you’re a sushi enthusiast seeking new horizons or a newcomer eager to experience a royal treat, the Shoku Platter offers a dining experience that’s second to none. Known as one of the best family restaurants in Windsor, the Shoku Platter invites you to join us at Intoku. As a beloved establishment renowned among Japanese restaurants in Windsor, let your taste buds be crowned with a feast that’s truly extraordinary

Itsumo Platter – A Dance of Diversity

For those who relish variety, and seek the best Japanese food in Windsor, the Itsumo Platter presents a tantalizing array. A generous selection of 46 pieces unfolds—10 Premium Uramaki rolls ignite your palate, followed by 6 assorted Nigiri pieces. Immerse yourself in 6 assorted Sashimi pieces for a pure taste of the sea. A symphony of 16 Uramaki rolls and 8 Maki rolls then takes you on a journey through textures and flavors.

Premium Sashimi Selection Platter

Get ready for a treat straight from the sea with our special Premium Sashimi Selection Platter available at one of the finest Japanese restaurants in Windsor. It’s like a tasty journey through the ocean’s finest flavors.

Our platter is a meticulously curated collection of the ocean’s finest offerings. Imagine savoring:

3 Scottish Salmon: Indulge in the super buttery goodness of Scottish Salmon, reminiscent of the sea itself.

2 Tuna: Take a bite of this Tuna for a rich and robust flavor that hails from the depths of the ocean.

3 Sea Bass: Embark on a gentle flavor adventure with every bite of Sea Bass, offering a delightful experience.

2 Prawn Nigiri: Delight in the tenderness and sweetness of prawns, delicately placed atop seasoned rice.

2 Hamachi: Experience the smooth and flavorful Hamachi, also known as Yellowtail, offering a unique taste.

Beyond mere food, our platter offers a beautiful and enchanting experience. Each piece is akin to a work of art, thoughtfully crafted to deliver an amazing taste sensation. Visit us at one of the best restaurants in Windsor, where this platter showcases the pinnacle of culinary excellence.

Whether you’re a seafood fan or just looking to try something new, our Premium Sashimi Selection Platter is a great choice. It’s like a journey through the sea’s flavors, made special just for you. Come to Intoku and let every bite take you on an adventure under the sea.

At Intoku, our Omakase Platters are more than dishes; they’re a passage into the soul of our craftsmanship. Whether you’re a devoted sushi enthusiast or a curious explorer, these platters cater to your desires. It’s an opportunity to embrace the world of sushi as a collective masterpiece—a mosaic of flavors, techniques, and traditions. Join us on this journey of taste and trust, where every bite is a crafted delight tailored just for your special date night.